Sunday, October 7, 2007

Weldon Spring CA, St. Charles County, MO- Got on some major fish!

Good day of fishing at Weldon Spring CA (Lost Valley Trail Area). Started off slow- lake was low like all lakes around here. Caught the bass on a silver beetle spin with a blue/sparkle plastic minnow, spinning rod. Several closed to the edge- pond/lake difficult to fish- hard to see where structure is. A few minutes later caught a red ear sunfish around 10" on slip bobber and night crawler- then it got slow. Walked around lake, flogged my legs big time (next time- wear pants- note to self). Almost went home (figured I could watch the KU-KSU game).
Then they started to hit- dead middle of lake. Same spot I have caught numerous bass in the past. Started with really nice Blugill. Was using the same slip bobber and nightcrawler. Then came the channel catfish. Almost limited out. The photo shows one of the largest cats. Ran out of baby nightcrawlers so I started to use the box of "glow" nightcrawlers. Man, do they stain your fingers. Think I will stick with the traditional nightcrawlers.
Total for day: 3 Channel Catfish, 1 Redear Sunfish, 10 Bluegill. Sunny and about 90 degrees, with moments of wind and clouds (almost looked like it was going to storm up). That was when the channel cats hit. Caught all (3) in about a 15-20 minute period. Had to stop fishing do to the fact that I ran out of bait.

Fish ON!


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Meremec Spring Trout Fishing- September 28th

Great Day of fishing at Meremac Spring- Arrived about an hour after the horn went off (I always underestimate how long it takes to get there from my home). Dallas needed a break from school and I needed a break from work, so this was a great fit. Caught one nice size one, the rest were small. I am actually saving these in my freezer- plan on smoking them on the smoker grill.
Tried a lot of things, caught them on gold little cleo spoons, used a little trout gravey on them as well. Fishing was slow for most, but people were cleaning fish, so some things worked. Meremec can be a bit of a challenge. Probably has to do with the fact that the stream is not zoned out.
Couple of cool hatchery pictures as well. You could not have asked for better weather.

Fish ON,