Monday, September 17, 2007

Busch Wildlife CA, Lake 37 St. Charles County, MO.- Catfish and redear sunfish! Sept. 16th

Great day of fishing. Overcast all day. water temp around 73. Nothing artificial worked (could have left baitcast rods and big tackle box at home) but they were hitting on nightcrawlers! Used slipbobbers and had them about 8' deep in 14' of water.

Took 5 redear sunfish (the largest was 10") and two catfish (the largest was 20"). Caught several small catfish and bass (the largest bass was 13")

This lake is turning into a really good redear lake. The key to redear fishing is being able to go were timber and deep meet (you need a boat) and fishing it deep enough.

Very productive day

Fish On!


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Busch Wildlife Area, St. Charles County, Lake 33- Catfish are back

Good day of fishing. Cool and foggy when I set out, fish hit hard up to noon. Used my traditional live bait set up, slip bobbers and nightcrawlers. Hit close to cover, as the photo shows.

Lost one of good size in the timber (snapped the line), but soon came to realize later, I was having gear problems (reel is so old, it is nicking up the line- damaged carrier) so I will probably have to retire that reel and break down and buy a new one.

Fish was good! took them home, cleaned them, and baked the filets in the oven with lemon and cajun seasoning.

Fish On!


Friday, September 14, 2007

August Report- Fishing good!

due to lack of a good digital camera, I have slacked for August. Here were some highlights:

  1. Little Dixie CA in Callaway County: Caught quite a few bass (some in slot, some smaller) on Gold flex plastic worms 9". Caught a couple of nice red ear sunfish on worms with a slip bobber.

  2. Lake 33 at Busch Wildlife in St. Charles County: Very slow for month of August. Early in the month caught quite a few early in the day on Gene Larew Salt Craws

  3. Lake 37 at Busch Wildlife in St. Charles county: had some good days right in the middle of the lake, near the deep w/ timber. Good size red ear sunfish on slip bobbers and nightcrawlers

  4. Bennett Spring State Park- Fished in one time, but it was a good one. Caught over (30) trout in about a 3 hour period on gold Little Cleo spoons, 2# test

  5. Meremec Park: Got Skunked (fished only one time, no big deal)

Fish ON!