Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Roaring River, Cassville, MO. March 17th, 2010: Trout hit on San Juan Worm

Got to the Roaring River around 3:30 or so...I was on my way from Joplin to Branson, so I had a couple of hours this week to get into the water for a short spell. Fished just zone 2 (Flies, Catch and Release only) at Roaring. This is one of my favorite areas in one of my favorite parks..had this streach of the river all to myself. Threw some Wooley buggers first, then a few brown/tan Zebra Nymps with no success. The river is real low right now and gin clear....I went ahead and tied on some 7x tippet as well, just to give myself a better shot at getting on a fish.
Hiked past the first riffle into a deeper, slower moving pool area and switched to a red San Juan worm with a yarn strike indicator. Caught this gorgous fish on my 4th cast out....barely knew I have one on...was getting ready to pull it back to cast again and there it was!
Very nice sized Rainbow Trout! Largest one I have caught on the fly rod this year! Kingfishers were going crazy....spring must be right around the corner. Left around 6:00 p.m. .....started to really cool down. Cannot wait to get back to Roaring River!
Fish ON!

Bennett Spring, Laclede County, MO March 15th 2010: Some Success on Nymph fishing

I got a chance to fish Bennett Spring for about 2 hours on my way down to Joplin Monday. I had to re-spool my fly line onto my reel, and it was tangled up, so the first 40 min. was dedicated to getting that task done.
Hit one of my favorite spots in Zone 1 fly waters. Weather was overcast and cool. Started throwing a brown bead head Wooley Bugger, with no success.....As I was in the water, I noticed a hatch going on, so I switched out to a brown/tan zebra Nymph w/ a yarn strike indicator (was using a 7.5' leader, by the way. Got the trout to hit as I was still rigging it up. Lovely fish, lovely day! Short visit this time.....
Fish ON!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Montauk SP, Current River, March 10th, 2010: Weather held out-not bad!

The weather looked to be bad up in the St. Louis area, so I decided to head south for one of my favorite places to stream fish in Missouri- Montauk SP and the Current River. It was overcast all day with some moments of stayed cool- around 40 degrees all day. I am glad I was able to dress warm. I just got a TFO Lefty Kreh rod at Feathercraft Fly shop (off Manchester by the Innerbelt/40- very knowledgeable) and I really was wanting to use it it bad....I have been having some casting challenges, especially in casting Wooley Buggers and heavier jigs, so I wanted to help fix that this year. The rod, along with some study of what I have been doing (too much wrist) really helped.

I got to the park around 8:00 a.m. and went to the fly only waters first. Hit a nice hole right by a big rock and caught a couple of trout right off the bat with Brown bead-head Wooley Buggers. Was not able to hook enough to land. I think I figured out what the challenge was- I had my rod in my sleeve to keep me from using my wrist when I cast....unfortunately, I think you really need your wrist to set the hook....hmm, real dilemma. They hit them real hard, however.

Got some lunch and came back, but there were 4-5 people "asses and elbows" on the hole, so I decided to go down river. That is the only thing I do not like about the trout parks. If you find a spot, you really need to hog it to keep it.

Went past the park and fished the Current River right around Tan Vat Access point....that is where I got the "moment of Zen" video. Did not catch anything in this area, but I belive there are fish...I just was not able to get on them.

Cannot wait to go back!

Fish ON!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Busch Wildlife CA, St. Charles County, Lake 24, March 10th, 2010: Still have some smaller trout in lakes

This was an absolutely gorgeous day. The temperature got up to 70 degrees and felt AWESOME! Keep in mind, the water is still really cold. Good conditions for the remaining trout that are stocked in the lakes. These lakes were stocked this winter, and then froze over several times. I know there were people who were ice fishing them this year (probably one of the first years you could do that this far south), but I think there are still plenty trout.....just a little more challenging to come by.
Caught my first one on a single egg hook with a red trout bait nugget. The second one I caught was of better size, and I caught this one on a brown rooster tail. The muskrats are actively nesting, so that means spring is right around the corner. Lake 24 is one of my favorite lakes at Busch Wildlife CA for trout...great day to be outside!
fish ON!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Meremec Spring Park, Phelps County, March 6th 2010: Park very crowded, as expected

We got to the park around 7:30 a.m. or so and started to fish using bottom rigged power eggs. Usually this is a pretty effective technique for this park. Jenni got a nice hit on a yellow/green one and I got a nice hit on a purple one. Started off very overcast for the first 3-4 hours, but then the sun came out and warmed it up nicely.
The only fish I caught was a Rock Bass. Here is what is interesting.....Conservation agents were on patrol heavy (probably due to the huge crowd) and they were writing tickets for people who were keeping these fish. The Missouri season for bass in Ozark streams (anything south of the Missouri River) is May 26th. As my grandpa used to say "Ignorance is no excuse for violation of the law". The agent busted the people next to me, went to their car and looked through their cooler. I believe that small little fish (like the one that we took a photo of and released) was about a $150 ticket, as well as $50 or so for each additional fish. It was interesting listening to these people afterwards talking about how they were "victims" in the whole matter....very interesting!
All I have to say is, thank God we have agents on patrol. If we did not, these are probably the same people who would use dynamite or something down stream and then have one of their crew with a net....all about the meat, less about the experience. What a shame!
The video shows the action down by the falls/bridge. Watch it one time I saw (4) lines get tangled up. Jenni said there was almost a confrontation when one of the guys on the bridge smacked someone below with a clod of bait and hook.....maybe the foundation should consider not allowing fishing from the bridge?
Cannot wait to go back when it is less crowded....gorgous day anyhow....great to get out in the waders!
~Fish ON!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Meremec Spring Park, Phelps County, March 4th 2010: First Trip of new year

This has been a very unusual winter we are coming out of in Missouri. Usually by this point, I had quite a few trips either to Busch Wildlife to fish the winter trout, or the trout parks for the weekend catch and release season. Seems like the last time I went fishing was in November. This has to be the coldest winter I can recall in a real long time.
This is a short report....fished the spring for a couple of hours in the afternoon after work. Used the fly rod.....all I have to say is that you would think that I had not ever used one. My casts got better towards the end of the day, but really was rough the first hour or so. Threw some wooley buggers and a copper john nymph with no success....the day was most beautiful, however, and the tranquility was just what I needed.
This is going to be the best year ever in regards to fishing and kayaking.....see you on the water!!
Fish ON!