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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Kayak Fishing the Midwest podcast: Angler Kayak Bob discusses the St. Francis River in SE MO

Great show featuring kayak angler "Kayak Bob". Some great insights on fishing the St. Francis River in Southeastern Missouri, as well as ideas and tips on reclaimed strip pit fishing in Southern Illinois. Be sure to check us out at for upcoming radio shows Fish ON! Mike

Saturday, August 10, 2013

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We are now consolidating our websites and would like to invite all of our subscribers and followers to come and check out web site, and subscribe!
A lot of new and exciting fishing and kayaking adventures are coming your way...we would love to have you see our new site!
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Monday, August 5, 2013

The first "Kayak Fishing The Midwest" podcast featuring lifetime kayaker Ray Schroeder

This is our first podcast featuring life long kayaker Ray Schroeder out of Lake St. Louis, MO. Some great insights if you are just getting into kayak fishing. Click below to give it a listen
Listen to internet radio with Kayak fishing the midwest on BlogTalkRadio

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fishing topwater Rebel lures from a kayak- Aunts Creek Access, Table Rock Lake

Fishing Table Rock Lake in the southern Missouri Ozarks has been interesting this year. It seems like the bass have been deeper in the day, and then have been coming out close to shore in the morning and evening.
I got a chance to hit the lake late June, and did not have a lot of success in the daytime.  Early morning before the sun comes up over the hills seems to be the best time to get any kind of action.  Shad are quite active, and you can see the activity in the shad balls in about 50' of water.  I was throwing quite a few lures, but it seems the topwater minnow poppers were working the best.  Check out the video and you can see how I was "chugging" them.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kayak fishing for smallies on the Meremac/Bourbouse River confluence June 15th, 2013

I had an opportunity to fish one of my favorite rivers, the Meremac and Bourbouse Rivers.  I put in at the confluence point and set to paddling.  It is interesting how much more challenging my S.O.T. kayak is opposed to the sea kayak in regards to paddling upstream.  I like to go up river, and then drift fish down.  Some rivers have too much current (thinking Spring River in Oklahoma- almost had a kayak "incident" in regards to current).  The current on the Meremac is not too incredibly sporty at this point.  The Bourbouse is much more docile than the Meremac.
Nice Meremac Smallmouth Bass!!!
I took it about as far as the train bridge close to Moselle, and found a nice "seam" (where the current hits still water).  It had a lot of rocks, and some nice cabbage close to shore, so I thought it would be a good spot.  It was!
I was fishing a zoom watermelon trick worm with a Texas rig when the smallie picked it up and went under the boat.  I was using a Gamakatsu 2/0 hook (I have had some problems this year losing some fish, so I scaled down the hook with the smaller worm.)  It was a beauty!  Fought her for a little over (5) minutes, and it was all fight, as smallmouths like to provide!  I made a video to share a little bit how I landed this one.  Measured out a little over 15" and was released.
A little later I stared to hear thunder, so I decided to get closer to the ramp.  I got caught out on the Meremac once a few years ago during a thunderstorm, and it was a bad experience, so I wanted to ensure that I was not too far from the launch point.  Glad I did!  As soon as I started to loaded it on the top of the car, the torrential rain started....lucky day!

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Kayak fishing for smallies on the Meremac and Bourbouse Rivers

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Kayak fishing Whetstone CA, Callaway County, MO June 8, 2013: High and muddy= slow fishing!

Bit of a slow fishing trip.  The Big Lake on Whetstone CA was high and had a "chocolate milk" consistency about it.  Threw a lot of different lures to try and roust up some bass.  Had a slip bobber/night crawler set up that yielded a nice sized bluegill, but other than that, not many bites to speak of for the day.....maybe next time

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Kayak fishing Whetstone CA, Callaway County ,MO

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