Sunday, December 31, 2006

Trout fishing difficult, Could it be the weather? or me?

Went back to Busch Wildlife CA in St. Charles County, MO. Fishing was challenging today. Weather is still fairly warm, but a front was moving in, day ended in rain. It seemed like everytime the clouds moved in, the trout stopped. Noticed that the people fishing on bait got hard hits right before the front moved in. Started at Lake 24 (the exact same place that I did very well yesterday). Threw just about everything you can imagine (silver super dupers, gold and silver little cleos, white rooster tails, black rooster tails, brown rooster tails, gizit inline spinners, etc). A gentleman next to me did well on gold colored power bait eggs fished on the bottom. He caught (2) right away, but he shut off as well once the heavy clouds moved in.
After about an hour at this lake, went over to lake 22, fished along the dam. Had a nice size trout chase a silvery/red gizit inline spinner, but I did a poor job setting the hook (hit right before lure got to dam- saw the fish chase it and roll away). There were some kids catching them on power bait and Scooby Doo rods- think I am going to trade in my spinner rods for the Scooby Doo!
Interesting day none the less- might go out to Lake Sherwood in Warren County tommorrow if I do not stay out too late tonight


Saturday, December 30, 2006

Busch Wildlife Report- 29 December 2006

What a Day! Started fishing around 10:00 a.m. at Lake 24, (that is a catch and keep lake) for Rainbow Trout. Had (2) rods with me- a Quantum Spinning reel loaded with 4lb test and a Little Cleo Spoon and an Abu Garcia Spinning reel with 4lb test as well, throwing a Silver holographic Super Duper.
Took about an hour walking around the lake until I hit the "sweet spot". The Missouri Department of Consv. has done a good job stocking this year (rumor at the bait store is that the oxygen at the hatcheries is not working well, so they have released larger trout). All I know is that all of the trout I have caught this year have been at least 14" and beautiful (not the "silvery" A-typical stocker trout, but nice, dark green with deep rainbows, large spots and developing Kipes).
Here is what happened- once I hit the spot, I caught my limit within 1 hour throwing spoons- smoked the rest of the lake- which is what we will do with these trout- smoke them on New Years Eve! Trout fishing is funny- sometimes you look like Bill Dance (which is what happened today) and some days you look like you have never fished before in your life!
More posts to follow- fishing is life!
To Our Success,