Monday, April 30, 2007

Busch CA, Lake 33, April 29th- Catfish are back!

Went back to Lake 33 Sunday. Wind had died down quite a bit- very warm. Water temp is starting to warm up as well (was at around 72 towards the end of the day)

Crappie not as active, but larger in size on minnows. Hit the spot that I had hit a week or so ago before the storm (north side of lake). Look at the catfish that my mother got on a nightcrawler! Same spot as the mess of catfish I caught last week. We originally thought that this big guy was a Blue Catfish, but really it is a Channel Cat (I forgot that they start to lose their spots the bigger they get). Sure looked like a Blue when we pulled it out of the water. She was using a light action rod on what appeared to be 6" test (line was very old)

This may be a very good year for catfish- at least right now.

Fish on!


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Busch Wildlife CA, Lake 33, Crappies are hitting! April 27th, 2007

Hit the lake with my good friend, Ray. We used minnows and spinning rods. Tried the normal bass gear, bass seem sporadic right now- this weekends 80 degree weather should change that. Windy conditions, about 70 degrees outside, water temp around 64.

Check out the crappie- about 10.25" in length. Most of the crappie very small- typical lake 33. Just goes to show if you keep fishing, there are some fish worth keep out there.

Fish On!


Busch Wildlife CA, Lake 33 Catfish hitting on minnows- Big Time April 24th, 2007

Weather finally starting to warm up after the cold snap. Caught a ton of catfish and crappies before the big thunderstorm hit. The large on measured out to about 23". Used slip bobbers and minnows in some heavy tree/ brush cover along the north side of the dam.

Caught a 15" bass first (hit the minnow hard), caught about 8 crappies and then the catfish hit (channels). Limited out on the catfish- should be great for the fish fry that we are going to have for my grandmother in Ohio.

Glad I brought the boat back- lightning and heavy rain soon after. It is amazing how the barometer effects the catfish.

Fish on!


Little Dixie CA, Callaway County, MO. Friday, April 20th

Fishing was good, caught 4 good size bass on a BB filled silver rattle trap, 12# test just on the outside of cover near shoreside. Water temperature was about 60 degrees. One of the bass had a chunck of tail worn out- tried to spawn earlier and then had to go deep with the cold snap. Should be in spawn mode real soon