Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fishing topwater Rebel lures from a kayak- Aunts Creek Access, Table Rock Lake

Fishing Table Rock Lake in the southern Missouri Ozarks has been interesting this year. It seems like the bass have been deeper in the day, and then have been coming out close to shore in the morning and evening.
I got a chance to hit the lake late June, and did not have a lot of success in the daytime.  Early morning before the sun comes up over the hills seems to be the best time to get any kind of action.  Shad are quite active, and you can see the activity in the shad balls in about 50' of water.  I was throwing quite a few lures, but it seems the topwater minnow poppers were working the best.  Check out the video and you can see how I was "chugging" them.

Fish ON!


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