Saturday, December 30, 2006

Busch Wildlife Report- 29 December 2006

What a Day! Started fishing around 10:00 a.m. at Lake 24, (that is a catch and keep lake) for Rainbow Trout. Had (2) rods with me- a Quantum Spinning reel loaded with 4lb test and a Little Cleo Spoon and an Abu Garcia Spinning reel with 4lb test as well, throwing a Silver holographic Super Duper.
Took about an hour walking around the lake until I hit the "sweet spot". The Missouri Department of Consv. has done a good job stocking this year (rumor at the bait store is that the oxygen at the hatcheries is not working well, so they have released larger trout). All I know is that all of the trout I have caught this year have been at least 14" and beautiful (not the "silvery" A-typical stocker trout, but nice, dark green with deep rainbows, large spots and developing Kipes).
Here is what happened- once I hit the spot, I caught my limit within 1 hour throwing spoons- smoked the rest of the lake- which is what we will do with these trout- smoke them on New Years Eve! Trout fishing is funny- sometimes you look like Bill Dance (which is what happened today) and some days you look like you have never fished before in your life!
More posts to follow- fishing is life!
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