Monday, April 30, 2007

Busch CA, Lake 33, April 29th- Catfish are back!

Went back to Lake 33 Sunday. Wind had died down quite a bit- very warm. Water temp is starting to warm up as well (was at around 72 towards the end of the day)

Crappie not as active, but larger in size on minnows. Hit the spot that I had hit a week or so ago before the storm (north side of lake). Look at the catfish that my mother got on a nightcrawler! Same spot as the mess of catfish I caught last week. We originally thought that this big guy was a Blue Catfish, but really it is a Channel Cat (I forgot that they start to lose their spots the bigger they get). Sure looked like a Blue when we pulled it out of the water. She was using a light action rod on what appeared to be 6" test (line was very old)

This may be a very good year for catfish- at least right now.

Fish on!


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