Friday, September 14, 2007

August Report- Fishing good!

due to lack of a good digital camera, I have slacked for August. Here were some highlights:

  1. Little Dixie CA in Callaway County: Caught quite a few bass (some in slot, some smaller) on Gold flex plastic worms 9". Caught a couple of nice red ear sunfish on worms with a slip bobber.

  2. Lake 33 at Busch Wildlife in St. Charles County: Very slow for month of August. Early in the month caught quite a few early in the day on Gene Larew Salt Craws

  3. Lake 37 at Busch Wildlife in St. Charles county: had some good days right in the middle of the lake, near the deep w/ timber. Good size red ear sunfish on slip bobbers and nightcrawlers

  4. Bennett Spring State Park- Fished in one time, but it was a good one. Caught over (30) trout in about a 3 hour period on gold Little Cleo spoons, 2# test

  5. Meremec Park: Got Skunked (fished only one time, no big deal)

Fish ON!


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