Monday, May 12, 2008

Little Dixie CA, Callaway County Missouri: Friday, May 9th- Crappie Fishing GOOD!

Here are some great photos of Little Dixie CA in Callaway County, MO. (near Columbia, MO.). First off, the weather was incredible bad in the A.M. (rain, intense wind, cold, etc), but I had promised myself I was going to take some time off work to find my center and hit the lake.
If anyone is reading this, keep this in mind: The boats are $5 to rent, but some of them have holes in them- beware! (I got one of those so I had to "trade it in " after bailing all the water out for about 1/2 hour)
It started slow. This first fish I caught was the largest (The crappie measured out at around 12"-not bad). What was weird was that it hit on a nightcrawler on a slip bobber.
I then fished around for a while and finally found a crappie bed. They hit on a small spinner with a jig and small grub. Came out with about 16 crappies. During that time caught a nice slot bass (in photo- was released). This lake seems to have a lot of these. Also caught a really nice (11") red ear about 20' off a point with a slip bobber deep.

Fish ON!


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