Sunday, July 20, 2008

Busch Wildlife Area, Lake 35, St. Charles County July 17th & 18th; Tubes seem to work good!

Here is a cool picture of a Large mouth totally engulfing a tube. I was down in Springfield last week speaking with one of my favorite tackle shops, Fin and Feather (on South Campbell). The owner of the shop and I were having a conversation about fishing heavily weeded lakes (which is real common this time of the year) and we got a discussion going on about flipping tubes in weeds. I was originally looking for the red Gamakatsu "Fluke Hooks" (the kind that have the weight molded onto the hook). He showed me one of the coolest hooks for tubes. You run the eyelet part of the hook thru the very top of the tube and then press the hook right thru the tube (so the hook is exposed on the other side, but throws out weedless). I will include a picture on some future posts.
The fishing on 35 is slow right now, but the lake is the healthier than previous years. The tubes seemed to work, and they are hitting on plastic worms. Later in the day and probably early in the morning (typical summer pattern)
Spent some time with a friend of mine, Art McCall. We threw a lot of different presentation. Got very hot and action was slow. Art had better luck than me, caught one on a red plastic worm thrown almost weightless.
Fish ON!

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