Sunday, November 21, 2010

Meremac River, St. Louis County, MO. November 21st, 2010: Great maiden voyage of the new Feelfree Atlantis 14 sea kayak!

This is the video from our "maiden voyage"of the new touring/sea kayak I purchased this weekend.  It is a Feelfree Atlantis 14 touring/sea kayak.  I got it at Branson Kayak.  I have known Rodney for a number of years, and it is the spot I picked up my first fishing kayak.  If you are looking for an excellent kayak, the Feelfree Kayak brand is a good way to go.  Branson Kayak is the only distributor in Missouri.  It was worth the drive from St. Louis to Branson

Once I got all the kinks worked out in regards to the rudder and balance, the paddle today was incredible.  It really started to get windy, but fortunately it was on our back heading downstream.  We did about 6 miles or so, and saw wild turkeys and kingfishers.  Ray was throwing a mini spinner, but the fish are seemingly dormant at this time.  Time spent paddeling with friends is always good time spent.  I am exciting about all the possiblities this winter now I have a touring kayak.  This will be the kayak I race on the Missouri River next year....very excited!

Flow (CFS): 700
Gauge Height (ft): 2.2

Paddle ON!


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Jeff said...

Awesome, nothing better than cruisin' and fishin' from a yak!