Thursday, January 4, 2007

Roubideaux Creek- Are there any trout? Not in the spring!

This is a photo of Roubideaux Spring in Pulaski County, Missouri. If you are familiar with Hwy 44, it is right off 44 in Waynesville, which is very close to Ft. Leonard Wood. I got a chance the other day to fish this spot on the way down to Springfield. You know, it is interesting- the temperature was around 50 degrees, and I parked by the spring and walked down to fish it. I visited this spot this summer, and the actual spring had a ton of trout in it. It has a platform sidewalk that you can actually look right into the spring (this is one of the top diving cave/springs as well, so the access is good). Well, I took a look- not a trout visable, so I walked down to were the spring hits the creek and fished the structure- my usual favorites, Super Dupers, Little Cleo's and Rooster Tails- not bad structure- had some trees in the creek and deep holes- not a bite. I brought my waders and probably should have "gotten in the drink" and fished it a little more extensively. Time was short, so I decided to go hit another part of the creek.
Check out the photo of the ducks. I need to find out what type of ducks these are. I was smallmouth fishing this summer down on the James River, near Springfield, and we came across some of these ducks. They have quite the "personality". It appears people come to the park and feed these ducks.

I drove north of Waynesville and fished the area close to where the creek enters the Gasconade River. Once again, tons of structure- caught (3) very small rock bass on white rooster tails. Makes me think- I bet there are a ton of smallmouth there in the summer- I will have to check that out.



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