Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bass fishing good today! Lake 33, Busch Wildlife CA

Bass fishing good today at Busch Wildlife CA. Water temp about 83 degrees, overcast skies that switched to sunny. Fished from about 8:00 to 11:30 on a boat. Went to drain some of the water out of the boat, and observed (4) of the biggest crawdads I have ever seen at Busch. So guess what I decided to throw? (can you say "match the hatch?")

Caught (3) bass this morning. The first was a 16" largemouth on a Jig (no skirt) and pumpkin Chomper Hula Grub. I was using one of my favorite rods for a Jig, my 6" rod with 14# Stren. Pulled back and the line started to move the other way (kind of like when you are cranking a crankbait that is out of tune), so I reeled back and really set the hook. That got the "fight on". Very nice bass, could have very easily missed the set.

Caught another smaller one (12") in the same area. They shut off for a while, so I took the boat down the levy a little. No action after throwing worms, senkos, chompers, and zipper worms, so I went back to the original spot (it was almost time to leave anyway).

Caught another good one on a Gene Larew black/gold claw Salt Craw. Nice fish (it is the one that you can see the red chair in the background). Used a 7' light/medium action rod with 12# Shakespeare Cajun Line. Measured out about 14".

Great morning of fishing. What a great lake for largemouths.

Fish On!


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