Saturday, January 26, 2008

Meremec Spring Park- It was good to use the fly rod again! Saturday, January 27th, 2008

What an excellent day to to to Meremec Spring Park in St. James, MO. The weather is starting to warm up (the lakes are still frozen, however). I decided this would be a good day to "re-acquaint" myself with my poor fly rod.
I think I ended up using my fly rod maybe twice last year- max. It took me 15 minute just to figure out how to tie a blood knot. Once I got my waders on and headed out, I looked like a complete fool in the water. I snagged a tree behind me and had some really bad cast (I think I scared all the fish around me).
Here is the good news: I decided to keep with it. At one time, I was fairly proficient in the use of a fly rod. I remember the summer about 4 years ago when I first got my fly rod. I fished for EVERYTHING with it- got pretty good with it as well.
It came back to me. I got my cast back and started to catch some fish. The first fish I caught was probably the biggest Goggle-Eye (Rock Bass) Bass I have ever caught in my life (see the photo and video).
I walked down to the bridge and then started walking back. Right under an overhanging tree I found a school of Rainbow Trout- nice size as well (see video).
I will have my fly rod out many more times this year. I had truly forgot how fun a fly rod is.

Fish ON!


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