Sunday, March 9, 2008

Busch Wildlife CA St. Charles County, MO: Lake 24 produces after a 3 week freeze-over

Here is a photo of my limit as well as my friend, Ray Schrader and his limit. We had both fished this lake earlier in the season with some great results. We had fished on of the other lakes earlier that day, due to the fact that 24 was still frozen over that morning. We waited until after 12:00, got some lunch, and then hit 24
We limited out within 2 hours. Once again, PowerBait paste on a small treble hook, with a slip sinker rig, 2# test was the key. Ray used Orange and I used both purple nymph color and Rainbow Orange (Mike's Atlas Bait- more of a anise smelling paste).
Fish ON!

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