Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mississippi River, East Alton, IL- August 31st: Nice Blue Catfish on Cut Bait

Here is a few photos of a nice Blue Catfish I caught on the Mississippi just below the Melvin Price Lock and Dam (north of St. Louis and the confluence point of the Missouri River). Had a pretty slow start, but once it hit, caught several other (including the photo of the Drum- which surprised me).
My mother came out and I thought she was not going to see us catch a fish. She was packing up to go back when it hit. I am glad she had a chance to see it happen.
Man, he fought hard. I was fishing with 30# test. It reminded me of when we were catching Trigger Fish out in the Atlantic.
It seems whenever a barge goes through the lock, that is the time when the fish turn on. I bet it has something to do with the water that is being released and the small bait fish that get caught up in the flow.
I also caught a much smaller blue that I released. I tried to be a good steward and release it gentle-like in the water. When I did, I totally busted my ass on the rocks- almost went face forward into the drink! Next time, I am going to toss it in.
Side Note: Actually broke an Ugly Stik on a snag- never had that happen before! took it back to Wal Mart and they replaced it- note to self: no matter what the commercial says, you CAN break an Ugly Stik!

Fish ON!


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Shane said...

Sounds like a fun day on the Mighty Mississippi! Great job!