Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mississippi River, East Alton, IL. Sept 1st: Interesting action on nightcrawlers

Had a lot of action at the river on this day. Charlie came out with me and we set some rods on Gizzard Shad and on Nightcrawlers. The bait store I like to frequent was out of the Herring (which is like candy to Blue Cats), so we had to go with the Gizzard.
Charlie and I both caught some small fish (Charlie caught a couple of small Channel Cats as well as Drum). I caught a nice Common Carp (in the photo) and the rest were small Drum. The Common Carp nailed it (easy set for me) Got a lot of bites, however. There were other people fishing in the area that did not have as much action as us. One guy caught a nice Blue up closer to the dam. Good day on the water
Fish ON!

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