Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bennett Spring, Laclede County, MO, March 30th, 2009: Trout are looking good this year!

This was my first trip to Bennett Spring in 2009....weather was really, really windy. Temperature was pleasant, so I was really looking forward to getting my chest waders on and getting on some fish. My favorite part of Bennett is Zone 2 (artificial and fly). I did not hit all of the normal holes, but fished just above the middle bridge (I believe it is called Whistle Bridge). Started off with my go-to, Little Cleo Spoon, Gold/Red. Took awhile to get on some fish, but started to have some success. First fish I caught was probably around 17"-18" or so. Had a real healthy, well established kipe- bet it becomes a lunker someday!

Walked over to the bridge and had a conversation with one of the people fishing in the tail water section. He had a spinning rod w/ 6# test and was catching Goggle Eye Bass on night crawlers rigged on a drift rig- thought that was cool. That part of the bridge is artificial and natural bait only. I was kind of curious how they would get the fish up to the bridge (I use 2" test or lighter if I can get away with it). Mystery answered: They have nets with long handles (look to be home maid- I do not think you can buy them that way).

Got to the other side of the bridge and switch up to a dark Panther Martin inline spinner, with an ultralight rod. Caught a few snags and then BOOM! This good sized rainbow jumped on it- right before I was ready to bring it in....gave me the same sensation as catching a fish on a topwater! I got him in and realized someone else had caught him earlier and lost him- that is what the red jig is. I bet he pounded on the jig like he hit my Panther Martin. He is now a happy fish- not only did I release him without the Panther, I also went ahead and removed the red jig as well.

The action shot video is that of a nice one I caught on the other side on the way back. Fished about 2 1/2 hours, caught close to 10 fish, all released.

This is going to be a great year!

Fish ON!


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