Monday, April 6, 2009

Roaring River, Cassville, MO. April 1st, 2009: Trout action good, seem a bit small

Got a chance to fish Roaring River SP on Wednesday for a few hours after work. Park had a semi crowd, but was not too bad. This park has real skinny waters, so it is not very conducive to wading, even hip waders.

Caught my first rainbow on a Gold/Red little cleo spoon like right off the bat (first 5 min.) in the first zone (soft plastics and artificals) right by the second bridge (in front of the pro shop). Walked around a little bit and caught the rest in the pool in front of this amazing water fall...had to film it just to have a "moment of zen" to go.

This pool was a bit of a challenge so I went to something that moved a little slower than a Little Cleo, a gold/red Super Duper on an ultra-light rod, 2# test. Caught a total of around (6) fish in about a 3 hour period. Not a bad day, weather was real nice- real windy! Went to the back of the park and fished Zone 3 w/ no real success.

Fish ON!


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