Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Whiteside CA, Lincoln County, MO: Fishing a bit slow, but Kayaking excellent!

Here is a photo of Lake Whiteside in Lincoln County, MO. Fished using a powerbait worm (texas rig) and a bottom rig w/ nightcrawlers. Caught a small bass on a Rooster tail towards the back of the lake....overall fishing was slow with the few people who were out.....sometimes lakes get like that after a heat wave. Water was very clear....lots of structure at this lake. It would not suprise me if there were a ton of crappies in this lake. Kayak handled like a gem...learned how to move a sit sideways on the kayak and fish that way. Was on it at least (4) hours..never got uncomfortable and did not get "puddle butt"- this kayak is EXCELLENT!

Fish ON!


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