Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mark Twain Lake, Monroe County, MO, July 5th: Largest Bass of the Year!

Here is the largest fish of the season for me so far. We rented a pontoon boat and headed out on Sunday, July 6th. Torrential rains hit the day before, so water was a bit brown. Water in main portion of lake was real choppy, very windy. We got into a couple of coves and anchored up with no success. Really thought the black culprit worm would work. Even had a rod with nightcrawlers out. We saw a bass boat trolling that caught a really nice sized bass before (looked like they were throwing spinners), so after they left, we anchored close to where they were at. Charlie said that he noticed a shad run, so I took the black worm off and replaced it with a shad colored zipper worm. Big boy hit on the 3rd-4th cast- really fought hard! tried to run under the boat a couple of times as well.....was really glad I was able to land him!

Fish ON!


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