Monday, September 14, 2009

Salt River, Marion County, MO: Excellent Kayak River, some success with nightcrawlers

I decided to go somewhere new, and really wanted to get some kind of a kayak-river experience in for the day. Weather was perfect- 80 degrees with a light wind. So I went up to the Salt River in Marion County (about 8 miles south of Hannibal, MO.). This is a good river to float. Flow seemed less....matter of fact, the wind from the east was so strong, seemed like I was paddling against a "reverse current". I do not know if that is a term, but it is what it seemed like.
Had some nightcrawlers on a bottom rig and caught the drum. Ran into a few other people fishing who said it had been slow. River seemed on the fall- banks were damp 5' up. Sometimes rivers are slower when they are on the fall. This is true especially when it has man-made regulations (Mark Twain Lake-Clarence Cannon dam). Used some Gulp Alive worms as well as Chompers Hula grubs on a stand up jig. Also caught a huge Gizzard Shad on a nightcrawler/slip bobber. I can see why there were so many kingfishers and hawks. I even got a chance to see an eagle flying parallel to 40/61 highway.
River varied between 2' and 12' with the average being 5-6' at this flow. I have a picture of the old bridge column before they built the 40/61 bridge- interesting!
Fish ON!

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