Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Boulder Lake, Pyramid SP in Southern Illinois- an AWESOME place to kayak fish!

I had an awesome time kayak fishing Pyramid SP in Southern Illinois on May 12th.  This area is an old strip mine that was converted in the early 60's for recreational use.  There is an older section and a newer section.  I went ahead and fished the newer section, choosing the larger Boulder Lake as the place I would fish for the day.
The water is gin clear and varies in depth within a matter of feet.  Like its name would imply, there are quite a few boulders and rock piles, which is AWESOME!

It took me a few hours to figure out what they were biting on.  I eventually caught a huge bass on a texas rigged Senko worm, but lost it about 5' from the yak.  I started to throw what has become my "go to", the Wiggle Wart (never thought a crank bait would be my go to LOL).  SMACK!  thought it was a bass a first, but ended up being a nice sized channel catfish.  Took me about 1/2 hour to the get the lure untangled from the net!  After that caught several smaller bass and bluegill on the Wiggle Wart.

Looking forward to coming back to this place soon!

Fish ON!




Boulder Lake, Pyramid SP, Illinois- Kayak fishing at it\'s best!

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