Sunday, June 9, 2013

Greers Ferry Lake Arkansas, Choctaw Access, May 29th, 2013: This lake is beautiful!

Choctaw Access boat launch
Greers Ferry Lake is a lake in Arkansas that has some amazing views!  I put in at the corps run Choctaw Access point right off Hwy 65 on the west side of the lake.  It was a warm day with some chance of thunderstorms, with a bit of wind.

I first fished some reed/brush areas with some drop offs using spinners, wiggle warts ,and senko worms.  I then started to work my way around the rock bluff narrows, right before you start to face the boat docks on the other side.  The fishing was slow, but got a nice hit on a watermelon Zoom trick worm , texas rigged.  I was not able to land it, but it jumped about 3' out of the water, which made the connection all the worth it. 
What was really spectacular was witnessing a whole school of white bass going gonzo on a shad ball close to shore.  I paddled over and started throwing a minnow topwater plug, but got there just a few seconds too late.
Incredible sunset on Greers Ferry Lake, AR
This is an outstanding lake worth a trip to.  It is beautiful like Table Rock, but has some cool "mountain islands" which are unlike anything I have seen in Missouri.

Fish ON!


Greers Ferry Lake, Choctaw Access, Arkansas- fine place to do some kayak fishing!

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