Monday, June 3, 2013

Several days of Memorial Day kayak bass fishing- Early morning is the time!

Had an incredible opportunity to hit my favorite lake, Table Rock Lake in Southern Missouri.  I would consider this lake my home water.  We keep our camper popped up during the season, so it is water that is easy access for myself.
The water has been up (I was hitting it last year during all the rain) so the water is still a tad murky, especially up in the arms.  The two trips I took out were not very productive in regards to catching fish, but the third and final one was.  I finally figured out that to get up on fish, I needed to get out before the sun rose (this was based on the feedback I got from a couple of other anglers I spoke with in the campground)
On the last trip, I got out early, and went to the cove across the lake from the access point.  I was throwing a minnow popper.  Caught a nice smallmouth right off the git go!  The shad balls were pretty incredible as well, and I had several hits on the top water throwing right on top of the shad balls.
True to the coaching I received, as soon as the sun got up over the tree line, the fish cut off.  We shall be back!

Fish ON!



 Table Rock Lake, Aunts Creek Access- early morning bass fishing

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 Table Rock Lake- Hot day of kayak bass fishing with limited action

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Kayak fishing Aunts Creek

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