Sunday, April 12, 2009

Montauk SP, Current River, April 11th: Great day to get out!

Great day to get out on the water at Montauk SP. Trout are looking good, the weather was the best you can hope for. Started off in the fly zone, fished the deeper pool first with a nymph. No success, so I hiked into were there were some runs and pools. Lost one on a nymph, and later in the day in the fly area lost one on a red San Juan Worm.
What I like most about fly fishing is you learn something everytime you go out. My knots on the flies were improved cinch knots....I know that if I would have tied a Berkely knot (just like a cinch, except it goes throught the eye twice) I would not have lost as many. I was using a really thin tipped (8x), so I am going to try that next time.
After lunch, grabbed my spinning gear and fished from the bridge down. Last year, this was the spot that had all of the trees shoved under it......caught my biggest trout of 2008 at this spot. The trees have moved and it is much different now...not much success
The family came with me, so it was great to do some other things as well (took a hike around the upper spring area, Lake Montauk, etc). The weather could not have been any nicer- 70 degrees and sunny.
Fish ON!


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