Friday, April 10, 2009

Roaring River, Cassville, MO. April 8th: Fly Fishing Excellent- I think I am becoming a Nymph....Oh!

Here are some nice shots from Roaring River. The weather was absolutely beautiful and warm. I fished the normal "haunts" in Zone 1 the first hour or so with my standard, go to gear (Ultralight rods, Little Cleo Spoons, Panther Martin spinners) but was not having a terrible amount of success...lots of bait fishermen in the area- hard to get a spot to fish.
I decided to break out the fly rod for the first time this year. I was in the parking lot getting it rigged up. It was kind of funny, because I was attaching some real, real thin tipped (I believe 8x) to the leader, and it was like I forgot how to tie a surgeons knot....must have tried for a good 10 min. or so before I finally got it to work (people get rusty just like gear!)
Got my hip waders on and my vest and wandered into the water. I was using some really small nymphs (the photo w/ my thumb shows size) and found a nice little spot...first one I got on I horsed and lost not only the fish but the nymph. You have to really be able to play these fish if you are going to use that thin of tippet!
I started to really get on some. If you watch the video, the tree clumpet to the right is where I was catching them at. Caught and released all of them (about 5 fish total)....I did a better job playing them out. They were exhausted, so I had to rock each one back to life when I got them in the water- they all recovered after I did that.
A few observations: They have some of the biggest crawdads I have ever seen- look like mini lobsters! Have a dark shale color- may have to get some crawdad crank baits in that color- the crawdads at Bennett seem to have a redder hue to them.
Second thought: I really underestimated how incredible the fly waters are at this park- I really was under-utilizing what was available.....goes to show you never want to assume you know everything about a spot. I will wear my chest waders next time as well- we had a little issue w/ the hip waters towards the end of the trip (interpretation: I got too deep and a little water poured in- looked like I pissed myself when I left the park).....I am glad I do not take myself real serious!
I am really stuck on Fly Fishing and especially Nymph fishing...cannot wait to get back out on the water!
Fish ON!

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