Saturday, June 26, 2010

Spring River, Centennial Park, Quapaw, OK June 2nd 2010: Very, very fast section of river

This is a section north of the put in spot that I like to go to when I go to the Spring River in Oklahoma. It is technically a state park run, but it is not in that great of shape. I drove on the rock bank to get to the put in site. As I started to paddle upstream, the current got real intense w/ some undertows and sudden current changes. I was insistent, however, on getting to the other side of the bank so I made a couple of attempts before I got over. Portaged the kayak about 75' and got it back in the water (current was too strong to paddle up at that point). I had intended on fishing this point (the spot about 10 miles south was EXCELLENT for White Bass and Stripers), but with the current as strong as it was, this became a "paddle only" trip..probably was not the most safe out of all my floats....really challenged me as a paddler and kept me on my toes. The spot, however, is beautiful, big time! I do not know if the photos give it justice.
Fish ON!

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