Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ted Shanks CA, Horseshoe Lake,Pike County, MO. May 29th 2010: Very Interesting large lake

Ted Shanks is an incredible Conservation Area just north of Lousiana, MO. This area consists of Mississippi River-like sloughs and lakes. I got a chance to kayak this lake on a very warm and windy Saturday. It was about 17-20' deep in the middle. This lake is chock full of carp and other types of rough fish. I was fishing a slip bobber and bottom rig the whole time with nightcrawlers. You would think with that type of rig you would catch something- not on this day. I did get a small little bite on a roadrunner with a white grub, but that was it. I think when I come back, I am going to get a couple of cans of corn and chum some areas and mark them and fish...I bet there are some HUGE fish in this lake...I just was not able to get up on any on this day. I want to come back and kayak the 3 mile ditch section and see about getting into the Salt Flats area (near the confluence of the Salt River and the Mississippi River)....looking forward to a return trip!
Fish ON!

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