Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cuiver River SP, Lake Lincoln, Lincoln County, MO: Several trips to this very deep little lake

We had several trips to Lake Lincoln in May....this is one deep little lake. If you go about 50' from the boat launch, it is 70 feet deep in the middle. Almost the entire lake has straight drop offs by the edges of the lake....I would imagine the swimming beach area is the only area that has a gradual depth. This would be a great lake to practice if you had a week at Table Rock coming up. The water is very clear (I would not say "gin clear"...but close).
Ray and Myself hit this about the beginning of the month....Ray had a fly rod and was catching quite a few small bluegill and bass on poppers. I was using slip bobbers and caught a few as well...nothing really all that large.
I came back for a second visit the next week...the weather was very warm and sunny. I caught a bass on a white spinner, but did not have a lot of success past that point. This is a very nice lake that is close to home. I think the extreme depth provides some real would be great to figure this deep little lake out.
Fish ON!

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