Sunday, April 29, 2012

DiSalvo Lake, St. Francois County, MO April 17th, 2012: Largmouths pinging on spinner baits...panfish still on!

DiSalvo lake located on the Bismark CA area in SE Missouri is becoming one of my favorite lakes to fish.  I got a chance to fish this place for about 5 hours which was very exciting.  I started off fishing for panfish with a slip bobber and nightcrawlers (you can see the success I had a few post prior.  I was not disappointed, matter of fact, my stringer was large with larger size bluegills than the prior trip.  Had enough for a nice stringer of fish to take back and clean.
After I had a full stringer, I decided to start bass fishing with chartreuse spinner baits.  I was HAMMERING them.....these little pigs were so hungry.  I must have caught at least (7) bass, all really, really, nice sized.  I lost a HUGE pig that I was not able to get a photo on, but I was grateful none the less.  This lake has a lot of vegetation.  I was throwing the spinners parallel to shore and they were absolutely hammering them.

I am looking forward to coming back to this lake a little later this month....great spot for kayaks (not as great for larger boats, although people take them out)

Fish ON!


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Anonymous said...

Jusy went there today 5-6-12. Caught absolute slab bluegills and shellcrackers all day. Caught a 3lb largemouth on topwater early. Great day