Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lake Sherwood, Warren County, Missouri April 8th 2012: Panfish are now ON!

Huge Green Sunfish from Lake Sherwood
I had had so much success at Lake DiSalvo in St. Francois County the day before, I decided to hit it again on Sunday.  Like I may have said in the previous post, about the only thing I like as much as bass fishing is panfish fishing.  Lake Sherwood is, in my opinion, one of the better sunfish lakes in the entire state when they are on, especially in regards to the redear sunfish variety.
Something I like about my fishing kayak is the fish finder I am able to use with it.  I fished for about an hour without much success, and then noticed on the finder that they were about 10' from shore in about 14-19' of water, suspended about 1/2 way down.   I went ahead and made the adjustment on the slip bobbers (my favorite rig in the spring) and then they started to turn on.  Came back with an entire stringer of really nice panfish, which I proceeded to clean when I got back home.....great trip at Lake Sherwood.  I am glad I was able to catch the adjustments!

Fish ON!


Nice Lake Sherwood string on the Miss Bossy Flossy!

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Point View Resort said...

That's a really beautiful sunfish- did you guys cook it? We're planning to take our first trip to the Ozarks this year and I'd like to take the kids fishing (and subsequently to cook it).