Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Busch CA, Lake 33- Bass hitting early in the morning June 30th, 2007

Good overcast (wet weather west, but never arrived) water temp at about 84 dg. Got a boat and headed out to my favorite spot (the same one the large catfish came out of). Had a spinning rod with 6" test, slip bobber and minnows- they are NOT hitting on that (not one bite all day)

Early that morning, caught several large mouths on a Texas-Rig, 12# test with a black/pink tail jelly worm (I have had these in my tackle box for a couple of years, never really caught anything) Just goes to show, when it is dark, and the water is less than clear, throw darker colors.

Rest of the day, REAL slow- we are most assured in a summer bass pattern. One guy threw some small, chartreuse crank baits and caught several right off the bat- maybe it was because the sun came out? It is amazing how they will turn on and off.

Fish On!


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