Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Busch CA, Lake 37- Bass off and on, still my favorite lake July 1st, 2007

Got off to a late start- hit it around 3:00 p.m. and fished until 7:00. Water temp at around 84 dg. Cloudy start, went with my theory of dark colors. Started with a spinning rod and a slip bobber with night crawlers. Caught a real small Channel Cat and caught a nice size Bluegill.

A little later in the day, caught my first large mouth bass with a black/purple jig, and a dark blue pig- very cool. He was laying in a lilly pad close to shore.

The sun came out shortly after, and the dark lure formula ceased to work, so I switched over to a spinning rod, 10# test, and a zoom shad/light green fluke with a fluke weighted hook. Got the boat over towards the back of the lake (around the tall grass and lilly pads) and had instant success- caught about 5-6 within an hour. They were all smaller bass, but the action was fun. What a great way to fish for bass! The fluke is my new friend!

Fish On!


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