Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bennett Spring, Lebanon, MO- Wednesday, March 12th- Trout got a work out Today!

Here are some great shots of Bennett Spring State Park, MO. The temperature got up to 72 degrees- spring is on the way!

Started at the spring with a fly rod and small white jig. Caught a nice rainbow- fought me for 5 minutes! Every time it got close, it would jump back in the current or try for under a rock. Thought I might lose the fish a couple of times. What a rush!

After fishing that spot for some time, I went to Zone 2 (artificial and flies) and grabbed my spinning rod and threw a Gold/Red Little Cleo spoon (caught a nice one close to the bridge) and switched it up (after moving to the cliff area between the two bridges) and caught another nice one in a deeper pool using a White/Rainbow colored Cleo Spoon (lost it a couple of cast later in some structure)

As much fun as the spoon fishing was, just had to get the fly rod back in action. I am starting to realize there is NOTHING as much fun as catching any kind of a fish on a fly rod. The video shows the last attempt. I was not catching much on the white jig. I had a nice conversation with a couple from Indiana, who said they were "tearing it up" earlier with dark green and black jigs. So that got me thinking "you know, I have not changed the jig color up much- let's try a black jig." The video shows the end result. Caught it between the spring and flow gauge house. What an incredible day!

Fish ON!


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