Sunday, March 16, 2008

Busch Wildlife CA, St. Charles County, Mo: Lake 22 produces both trout and bass!

I did not know if I was going to be able to get some fishing in Saturday due to all of the rain that was predicted, but it looked like it was heading south so I decided to head out to Busch Wildlife CA, St. Charles County, MO.
Started off slow. My daughter and I went to lake 24 yesterday afternoon and did not catch a thing. Walked along the dam and threw rooster tails and little cleo spoons- no success. Started to get colder, so I almost entertained the thought of going back to the house.
I am glad I decided to go around the lake. Started to throw a gold/red little cleo spoon (my favorite in water that is high and murky). Caught a typical stocker sized rainbow right away (about 13").
A little later on caught a really small rainbow on a bobber w/ Mike's Atlas Shrimp Salmon egg close to shore- real small one!
I set some rods out with blue/green power bait and orange power bait on the bottom- not a touch! It started to get around 5:30, so I was getting ready to pack up. Threw the little cleo spoon out and BAM! got a big hit! It was a 14 1/2" bass (measured it) caught on my ultra-light spinning rod, 2# test in cover- What an achievement! I really thought I was going to lose him due to the light tackle and all the cover I had to pull the fish through. What a rush! First bass of the year!

Fish ON!


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