Friday, March 21, 2008

Bennett Spring- March 20th, 2008: Water is WAY high- fishing challenging!

Here are some cool photos of Bennett Spring State Park, Lebanon, MO. We had SO MUCH rain over the last couple of days, I am really surprised it was as low as it was.
Fished Zone 2 first using a gold/red spoon and a Quantum rod with 2# test. I figured we would have some success with this- no such luck. The water is so murky and fast moving that you almost need to get whatever you are throwing right in front of the fish. I think the challenge fishing when the water is this high is not "what" to throw out, but "where" are the fish are.
Fished Zone 3 (bait and naturals) for the first time ever. Had a rod with a slip sinker and egg hook. Used PowerBait Eggs (both Chartreuse and Nymph Red) with no luck as well. One person was bank fishing and using a PowerBait White paste w/ treble hook. Probably should have moved over to that while fishing.
Hit the fly area near the spring before I took off. Threw jigs of all colors: White, Chartreuse, Black- to no avail.
First time I have been skunked at Bennett, but no problems. I was just glad I got an opportunity to fish it. I spoke with a person from Lebanon, MO. in Zone 3 earlier. He had said that the water had dropped 17' since dawn. Wow!

Fish ON!


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