Sunday, March 7, 2010

Meremec Spring Park, Phelps County, March 6th 2010: Park very crowded, as expected

We got to the park around 7:30 a.m. or so and started to fish using bottom rigged power eggs. Usually this is a pretty effective technique for this park. Jenni got a nice hit on a yellow/green one and I got a nice hit on a purple one. Started off very overcast for the first 3-4 hours, but then the sun came out and warmed it up nicely.
The only fish I caught was a Rock Bass. Here is what is interesting.....Conservation agents were on patrol heavy (probably due to the huge crowd) and they were writing tickets for people who were keeping these fish. The Missouri season for bass in Ozark streams (anything south of the Missouri River) is May 26th. As my grandpa used to say "Ignorance is no excuse for violation of the law". The agent busted the people next to me, went to their car and looked through their cooler. I believe that small little fish (like the one that we took a photo of and released) was about a $150 ticket, as well as $50 or so for each additional fish. It was interesting listening to these people afterwards talking about how they were "victims" in the whole matter....very interesting!
All I have to say is, thank God we have agents on patrol. If we did not, these are probably the same people who would use dynamite or something down stream and then have one of their crew with a net....all about the meat, less about the experience. What a shame!
The video shows the action down by the falls/bridge. Watch it one time I saw (4) lines get tangled up. Jenni said there was almost a confrontation when one of the guys on the bridge smacked someone below with a clod of bait and hook.....maybe the foundation should consider not allowing fishing from the bridge?
Cannot wait to go back when it is less crowded....gorgous day anyhow....great to get out in the waders!
~Fish ON!

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