Friday, March 5, 2010

Meremec Spring Park, Phelps County, March 4th 2010: First Trip of new year

This has been a very unusual winter we are coming out of in Missouri. Usually by this point, I had quite a few trips either to Busch Wildlife to fish the winter trout, or the trout parks for the weekend catch and release season. Seems like the last time I went fishing was in November. This has to be the coldest winter I can recall in a real long time.
This is a short report....fished the spring for a couple of hours in the afternoon after work. Used the fly rod.....all I have to say is that you would think that I had not ever used one. My casts got better towards the end of the day, but really was rough the first hour or so. Threw some wooley buggers and a copper john nymph with no success....the day was most beautiful, however, and the tranquility was just what I needed.
This is going to be the best year ever in regards to fishing and kayaking.....see you on the water!!
Fish ON!

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