Thursday, March 11, 2010

Busch Wildlife CA, St. Charles County, Lake 24, March 10th, 2010: Still have some smaller trout in lakes

This was an absolutely gorgeous day. The temperature got up to 70 degrees and felt AWESOME! Keep in mind, the water is still really cold. Good conditions for the remaining trout that are stocked in the lakes. These lakes were stocked this winter, and then froze over several times. I know there were people who were ice fishing them this year (probably one of the first years you could do that this far south), but I think there are still plenty trout.....just a little more challenging to come by.
Caught my first one on a single egg hook with a red trout bait nugget. The second one I caught was of better size, and I caught this one on a brown rooster tail. The muskrats are actively nesting, so that means spring is right around the corner. Lake 24 is one of my favorite lakes at Busch Wildlife CA for trout...great day to be outside!
fish ON!


Bill Bush said...

Nice fish! I'll take my Ultra Light set-up out on some lakes. Even some of the smaller ones give a heck of a fight!

Jerry said...

I just got a kayak and thought I'd check out information about kayaking at Busch Wildlife. Since I've never seen a kayak at BWL, I just assumed they were prohibited. Your blog gives me hope that kayaks are allowed. Are there designated lakes or are all the lakes open to kayak. I was more interested in fishing on the bigger lakes;33, 34 & 35. Please advise. Jerry

Jerry said...

I just got a kayak and thought I'd check to see if kayaks were allowed at Busch Wildlife. Since I've never seen any kayaks on any of the lakes over there, I assumed they were prohibited. Are kayaks allowed on all the lakes or only designated lakes. I am interested in fishing via kayak on lakes 33, 34 and 35... the bigger lakes. Please advise. Jerry

Mike Tobin said...

Hi Jerry,

Kayaks are not allow at can rent boats from the office for $5..I think in October they may or may not be renting them.
Hope this helps