Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kayak Fishing off Hatterras Island, Pamilico Sound, North Carolina: Wide variety of saltwater fish in the sound!

This is a compilation of a couple of days of kayak fishing on the sound in North Carolina.  I ended up renting a Necky kayak (very happy with) instead of bringing either my sea kayak or fishing kayak.  It was easier than loading on top of the durango we took to get there.
The needle fish was a real kick to catch (it is the gar looking fish about halfway in the video).  This was the one I landed (I lost 2 other due to the fact that they snapped the line with their sharp teeth).  These fish are fun to catch.   They hit the bait hard and run with it, jumping out of the air and flipping around....what a rush!
I got a better nav map of the sound, so when I go back next year, I will go out even farther and catch even more fish.  What a great experience!

fish ON!


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