Monday, August 24, 2009

Roaring River, Cassville, MO. August 19th, 2009: Trout hitting on Dry Flies

Hit Roaring River Wednesday around 4:30 p.m with my friend Jeff Bain, our newest chapter president of BNI Branson's Power Team. Fly fishing is a great way to have relaxed business conversations...I understand how people who golf get things fishing can do the same thing for you and your business!
We went to the Fly only, catch and release section of the park...I have always had a good amount of luck on this stretch. The trout parks seem to be clearing out now the kids are back to school. I started out throwing a zebra nymph with a strike indicator, with no luck. They were pooled up big time, so they should have took. Jeff got a dry on and started to get some strikes. I was watching him and decided to tie on an Adams and see what went down. Caught one and got several bites as well. The pictures above are before I tried to horse the fish in (totally knobbed out- grabbed the leader instead of my net--lost the trout and my fly (only one in box). Just goes to show.....great time!
Fish ON!

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