Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dresser Island, Brickhouse Slough, Mississippi River, August 30th: Water real, real low- found pool and has some success!

This has been the most unusual August weather I think I have ever seen. Usually it is around 100 degrees and all the grass is dead. Was very cool most of the day. Towards the end I went ahead and put my sweater on (glad I had it in the boat bag!) Felt like I was living up in Wisconsin again! Got out around 11:30 and kayaked until about 4:00 pm. A couple of the places I had considered putting in were so low, I decided against due to the mud. They must have all the gates open at Melvin Price Lock and Dam.
Most of this slough is very shallow. My depth finder said it was around 1-3 ft. deep in most places. Was able to find a nice pool with another slough draining into it (due to the low water). This spot looked to be around 5-6 ft. deep. The minute I cast a black Rooster Tail (murky waters + overcast sky= black rooster tail) boom! instant hit on the white bass. Caught a smaller largemouth right after. Also caught several very, very small Channel Catfish on slip bobbers and nightcrawlers as well as a small drum.
Lots of white Egrets and Blue Herons as well.....great day to be out on the kayak!
Fish ON!

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