Sunday, August 30, 2009

Robertsville SP, Meremac River, Franklin County, MO Aug 29th: Small amount of action, but no smallies!

Launched from the state park boat launch around 11:00 or so....water was at normal level. Got about 1/2 mile upstream when I came upon a bend/riffle that was all current. The kayak I have is great on most things, but really bad on anything past class I. Paddled it and thought I was going to win it, but looked to the side and realized I was going back wards...good opportunity to hit downed tree, tip kayak, and trap gear and myself undewater, so after two attempts, turned it around and drifted back. Had plenty of shore upstream from the launch to fish, plus the water downstream from the put in was fairly calm (no riffles) so we went ahead and fished it that way.
Caught a small Largemouth on a Chomper hula grub and stand up jig in structure. Got some other bites as well on Gulp Alive! watermelon worms w/ texas rig. Bites were smaller in the day...should have gone with smaller baits probably.
Lots of boaters...I was suprised. Also, I do not quite get the thrill of taking a 95-150 HP boat and running up and down the river at full throttle....just do not get it.
Fish ON!

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