Saturday, April 3, 2010

Council Bluff Lake, Iron County, MO. April 2nd 2010: Rough appear to be before the spawn still

The kayak made it's first appearance of the season. It was outstanding getting out on the water again (it has not been out since around Halloween). The water temperature is still really cool (around 55 degrees surface) so with a sit on top kayak, you have to dress accordingly. I wear jeans and hip waders due to the nature of the kayak.
Council Bluff lake is run the the National Forest Service and it is located in the Mark Twain Forest (just south of Potosi). The water is incredibly clear. This would be a good training lake to practice up for Table Rock...the water reminds me of Table Rock. From what I understand, it also has smallies like Table Rock does as well. It appears to be about 50' or so in the middle, but I bet you could find a deeper spot. I make an attempt to fish the point, but I was dealing with some serious white caps. Found it hard to keep the craft stable, so I ended up fishing the wood lines. The wind gusts were so bad, you could hear their roar ahead of time. I threw a slip bobber/nightcrawler rig, white spinner baits, rooster tails, and even a jig with no success...glad to have found this lake, however....will be back!
Fish ON!

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