Monday, April 5, 2010

Whetstone Creek CA, Callaway County, MO. April 4th 2010: First stringer of new year!

The wind was a challenge again, but that is why kayak fishing is part workout, part fishing. Found a nice cove and anchored the kayak in about 14' of water. Caught my first nice (9") bluegill on a treetop jig w/ spinner close to shore. The rest of the stringer was caught in about 20' of water with slip bobber and night crawler rig.
Fishing action was slow (as expected) due to the fact that the water temp is still quite cool. Whetsone has a slot on bass (12-15") with a limite of 6. The bass I caught was 11". Got the stringer home (6 bluegill, 1 bass) and fileted them on the back deck, and baked them and served on top of brown rice....great meal!
Fish ON!

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