Saturday, April 17, 2010

Finger Lakes SP, Boone County, MO, April 15th, 2010: First nice crappie of new year!

I have fished Finger Lakes SP in the past, but due to the fact that I did not have a kayak, it has always been from shore. Finger Lakes is a reclaimed coal strip mine area north of Columbia, MO. This is an EXCELLENT area if you are into Kayak fishing. The "fingers" are like little canals that span all over the place. The largest lake is actually outside of the state park, called Rocky Fork (which I have fished w/ the kayak last year, see earlier post).
It got very windy, which made the kayaking and the fishing interesting....a current actually started to develop, so it almost felt more like fishing a small river. The strips are narrow, but they go down 20-30 feet in some places.
Caught the nice 11" crappie on a jig/spinner set up, as well as the couple of smaller bass, especially as the sun started to provide shade close to shore. All fish were released on this trip, but I am considering coming back to do some harvest fishing....overall great day. Water temp is still a little cool, but we are really on the brink of a heavy prediction is any day now.
Fish ON!

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