Friday, April 16, 2010

Truman Lake, Benton County, April 14th 2010: Bass starting to come up closer to shore

Had the rare opportunity to fish Truman Lake on Wednesday on my way up from Pittsburg, KS. It is great having a proper Kayak rack this year on the car.....a lot more quick fishing opportunities are presenting themselves to me this year- very cool!
Launched off at the State Park marina boat launch. I was able to get about 2 hours in before it was time to go due to sunlight. The water temp is still a little cool. Note to self- received the Missouri fishing forecast a day later that said the lake was high- I think that is old news. It looks like they have been drawing down at the dam big time- looked very low.
Had some success on little mini spins w/ a jig and Tree Top black/magenta grub. I figured I might get on some crappie. Just bass on this trip. The spinners I like to use this time of the year are kind of like Beetle Spins, except instead of attaching a "beetle" I attach a small jig and whatever small soft plastic that I think will look good (I usually let sunlight, wind, and water clarity effect my color choice). This is my "go-to" rig this time of year....excellent on a kayak and spinning rod.
Fish ON!

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